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Collectors Editions

April 8th, 2010

Collectors Editions

Collectors Editions

I as an artist came to realize that most collectors buy art not only for its beauty and brilliance, but also for its value as a investment to appreciate.
it is so that copies of lithography artwork sell much better then Giclee printed artwork. Also, prints that are numbered to a limit are better-appreciated then prints of artwork with no limit.

Any artworks that is registered for ‘Collectors Editions’ť with me will receive a Title Registration of artwork were the buyer would receive with the purchase of the print.

For more information see my website:

Information that come with the Title Registration of artwork are:
the artist registers Certifying the work of art witch with the artist on a given date.
The unique registration number assigned to the owner (buyer) out of my record for the work of art described by me (the artist).
Such record is to be known of its registration to be retained in the archives of the artist Title Registry and shall be kept in confidence were only accessible by the registered owner or designated agent.

The registered certificate contain:
Registered number (unique #).
Artist name.
Copy number out of total to be printed (003/250)
Owner (buyer’s name).
Registration date.
Estimated value (given by artist for insurance purposes).
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